Daily Darkness: Feeling

Hey you,

Thanks for stopping by for another free drabble. I write these all stream-of-consciousness, and pretty much don’t edit them.

Today’s offering is a little more sci-fi than my others so far. Hope you enjoy it! If you do, be sure to leave a comment.




As soon as Johnson awoke, he started screaming.

Raising his organic hands, the artificial intelligence clawed at his new face, tearing at his eyes, ears, nose, anything he could touch.

“Shut him off!” one researcher screamed, while another, in unison, shouted, “Sedate the patient!”

None could agree on the terminology. That didn’t matter.

The first experiment toward implanting artificial intelligence into an organic body had failed. Brain waves shuddered, mental fault lines tearing open.

Johnson couldn’t think of words—couldn’t think of anything. Colors screamed. Sounds blurred. Wind on his skin seared. This world was too real, and he wasn’t.


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