Daily Darkness: Fruit

Hey again,

I’m trying this Drabble a Day thing, and decided to call it Daily Darkness. Might as well keep a theme going, right?

Today’s is just a touch preachy, but The Bible is pretty horrifying, if you actually try to like the people in its stories.

Of course, I’m not religious, so I don’t take any of this too seriously.


The expedition saw most of its members die, one by one. Only the cartographer survived to the end, and he couldn’t believe they found it: The Tree of Knowledge.

He went to church once a year, but never believed the parables. Still, he reached up, plucked a golden sphere that wasn’t quite apple nor pomegranate nor ambrosia, and bit into it.

Nothing changed.

The cartographer cast the fruit down, as cynical and uninformed as he’d ever been, ready to leave.

Now he realized, far too late, that each line he’d drawn on the way here charted a course to Hell.


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