Daily Darkness: Guidelines

Hey all,

We’re going medical today. Medication’s been on my mind a lot, so I figured, go with it. Also, I’m running on three hours of sleep. It’s 4 AM where I am, but I’m time-releasing this later in the day–hope your early morning went better!




The instructions were clear: two pills, once a day, with a meal. Do not exceed dose. Take all doses. No refills.

Greg didn’t think it mattered, skipping the last one. He had a date, and the medication made his breath smell weird.

“Superbugs” were a liberal scare, right? A buzz word thrown around by fake news?

That used to sound logical. Diseases don’t get super powers.

He scratched at his arms, watching the red lines left behind boil and bubble. Blue hints of vein blackened.

Hitting the ground hard, he wondered if his body would stink worse than his breath.


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