Daily Darkness: Horse

Hey again,

I spend a lot of time–a LOT–thinking about the motivation behind criminal activity. Very few people, even the most hardened criminals, are outright sociopaths. Calloused, sure, but sometimes they have good reasons, like Liam Neeson in Taken. He kills SO MANY PEOPLE, but what wouldn’t you do for your child?




Carla walked the street alone. It would’ve been suspicious to have an escort. No one had to know about the heroin in her belly.

Avoiding the cops didn’t mean avoiding trouble. They hadn’t thought of this.

A grizzled man with raw, red eyes stepped out of an alley, brandishing a knife.

“Your purse or your life.”

She didn’t have a purse.

The blade didn’t care about who she was, or what debts she owed. Powder-thickened blood gushed onto the sidewalk.

They threatened to hurt her kids if she didn’t deliver. Her vision began to fade. She hoped they’d be forgiving.


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