Daily Darkness: Vision


Let’s start the day with a more thoughtful piece. No less bleak than yesterday’s, but a little less actively sad.

I think I spend too much time thinking about where life is going, and not what life is doing right now…




She had no plans for the future. Life made more sense that way. The world kept changing so quickly, anything she set her mind on would likely be gone within a year. Why bother?

The lenses of her eyes scanned the streets below, her synthetic skin glistening in the rain. She’d been built to enforce law and order, then Congress de-funded the Automaton program. A kind superior unshackled her AI.

Down in the city below, two men beat a third to death.

She wasn’t an officer-automation anymore. Wasn’t a vigilante-droid either. Her weaponized body meant absolutely nothing.

She looked away.


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