Daily Darkness: Index Finger

Hey, you!

Welcome, or welcome back, to my blog. Today’s daily darkness is maybe not so far off for our own reality. Thankfully, so far, we still prefer most criminals be brought in alive.


Index Finger


He collected a trophy from each kill. Some thought this sick; he called it practical.

It’s 2416! Not your grandpa’s justice system anymore. This line, spouted on loop around a mug of cheap beer, carried him through many nights. We fingerprint these bastards at birth. I like knowing who I’ve… done business with.

Tonight, a vagrant: serial shoplifter. All criminals were “Wanted Dead or Alive” because the prisons couldn’t hold another soul. He made sure to kill every single one.

The hunter knelt to snip off his mark’s prosthetic fingers.

Then he saw the timer. Smelled plastic explosives. Three. Two…


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