Daily Darkness: Forbid


Today’s story is a little real. I was going to take this in a supernatural direction, but…

TW: references to abuse and sex trafficking




Johnny wasn’t allowed to go out after dark, and he wasn’t allowed to date Calli. Naturally, he did both. Fifteen comes with enough testosterone to justify breaking every rule in the book.

His bicycle tires tore up the pavement, a midnight joyride from origin to destination, where he snuck his girlfriend out a window. They spent two hours in the woods behind her house doing things their parents hadn’t even heard of.

2 o’clock arrived. It happened on the ride back.

Crunch of pavement. A van with headlights off.

They rammed him, drugged him, took him.

Another one of seven.


Did you know an estimated one out of every seven children is the victim of trafficking? Many of these kids are forcibly addicted to drugs to keep them entangled and vulnerable.

If you see something, say something.

If you can do anything, do everything.

They’re counting on us.


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