Daily Darkness: Employee of the Month

Hey everyone,

If you’ve ever worked retail or food service, you know all about the pressure to keep customers happy.

If you can’t do that, maybe you can just keep them quiet…


Employee of the Month


Daniel wiped blood off his shoes.

Mopping floors hadn’t been in his job description, but he wouldn’t tolerate any complaints.

“Filthy morons,” he whispered, hoping his customers’ ghosts would hear. “This wouldn’t happen if you just stay quiet.”

He couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Get me your manager!


I’ll take you to her.

Take them into the back, where he spent all day carving meat anyway, then…

He smiled as Julianna approached. His manager looked him over.

“Danny, you’ve been great, but I’m sorry. We’re letting you go. You have a bad attitude.”

His eye began to twitch.


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