Daily Darkness: Hothead

Hi there,

This story is for a friend of mine who spends way too much time playing Overwatch. 

Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to like and share if you do.




Mac set turrets, camping on the payload. Apparently, no one else on his team wanted to complete the objective.

“Let’s go, assholes!” He shouted into his microphone, voice filling his basement as he stared into virtual reality. “We have a mission, remember?”

No response.

He looked around: the others had vanished. His character could no longer move.

The payload began creeping along its track, carrying him to an incinerator.

“What the hell?”

The fire approached. He felt the heat on his skin. Hairs burned off his arms.

Screaming, he tried to take the headset off. He never got the chance.


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