Daily Darkness: Declaration

Hi there!

I’ve often said that I’d like the end-goal of my career choices to have me as some kind of android overseer ensuring the success of our future Mars colonization efforts.

Barring that, I’ll just keep writing stories about Mars colonies.




Mars signed and ratified the document. Earth refused to listen.

“All the self-sustaining colonies on your planet don’t change the fact that ours is the sovereign.” President Mitchell Hansen glared at Oversee Ward over a video call. “You obey the home planet.”

“Or?” Ward casually glanced to his side.

“Or we impose rule by force. You will obey. Expect our soldiers.”

The call ended. Ward turned to his peoples’ newest allies. They respected Ward. They liked the Mars dwellers. They chittered, massive, their many arms skilled at burrowing and ravaging. They could eat humans whole.

Ward smiled. “Hope you’re hungry.”


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