Daily Darkness: Peasant

Hello, friends,

Did you know one of the most prolific serial killers in history was a woman? Elizabeth Báthory was said to have killed as many as 600 people, many of them young women, in whose blood she bathed to grant herself eternal youth.

I can only hope that didn’t work the way she hoped.

Anyway, here’s a story inspired by this rather grim beauty ritual.




Eating the poor didn’t work.

No matter how much proletariat puree her guests consumed, The Duchess heard, saw, felt the rumble of hordes of common folk rushing all around her gates. No matter how many her guards slaughtered, the masses always returned.

Her doctor unleashed a plague. It rendered the meat inedible, the stench unbearable, yet would not reduce the population.

Every woman she saw stumbled around, pregnant with multitudes. Every man panted in a virile haze. Children aged before her eyes. Every face was too familiar.

She’d spent years bathing in blood. Now the victims were back for hers.


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