Daily Darkness: Injury

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Doc didn’t set the bone right. Everyone called him doc, but Mary never really knew if he had a medical degree. No degrees on the wall, practiced out of his own house, and now, this.

She looked at her plaster-bound arm, aching, itching.

Six weeks. It’ll be uncomfortable, but you’ll be better than ever in no time. Do NOT try to take it off yourself.

He’d injected a numbing substance for the pain. It hadn’t helped.

Four weeks in, she ripped the cast away.

Purple-black flesh twisted, her hand ending in claws.

He did something terrible.

And it was spreading.


Daily Darkness: Forbid


Today’s story is a little real. I was going to take this in a supernatural direction, but…

TW: references to abuse and sex trafficking




Johnny wasn’t allowed to go out after dark, and he wasn’t allowed to date Calli. Naturally, he did both. Fifteen comes with enough testosterone to justify breaking every rule in the book.

His bicycle tires tore up the pavement, a midnight joyride from origin to destination, where he snuck his girlfriend out a window. They spent two hours in the woods behind her house doing things their parents hadn’t even heard of.

2 o’clock arrived. It happened on the ride back.

Crunch of pavement. A van with headlights off.

They rammed him, drugged him, took him.

Another one of seven.


Did you know an estimated one out of every seven children is the victim of trafficking? Many of these kids are forcibly addicted to drugs to keep them entangled and vulnerable.

If you see something, say something.

If you can do anything, do everything.

They’re counting on us.

Daily Darkness: Index Finger

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Welcome, or welcome back, to my blog. Today’s daily darkness is maybe not so far off for our own reality. Thankfully, so far, we still prefer most criminals be brought in alive.


Index Finger


He collected a trophy from each kill. Some thought this sick; he called it practical.

It’s 2416! Not your grandpa’s justice system anymore. This line, spouted on loop around a mug of cheap beer, carried him through many nights. We fingerprint these bastards at birth. I like knowing who I’ve… done business with.

Tonight, a vagrant: serial shoplifter. All criminals were “Wanted Dead or Alive” because the prisons couldn’t hold another soul. He made sure to kill every single one.

The hunter knelt to snip off his mark’s prosthetic fingers.

Then he saw the timer. Smelled plastic explosives. Three. Two…

Daily Darkness: Denial, a sci-fi story

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Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for my friend down below…




Android 717 tried to open its right eye.



Visual cortex damaged.

Soundcard offline.

Speech processor malfunction.

Motor functions offline.

All around it, voices mocked. Jeered. Echoed. They rang in circles, each syllable a penny rattling in a tin can. 717’s one open eye looked into the air.

Black clouds opened up, shedding acid rain. The attackers ran.

717’s skin could stand the burn. Its internal components weren’t so lucky. Cracked plating let a sizzle leak inside.

“No-no-no-no-no.” Even the android couldn’t tell if this was a fervent prayer, or merely a glitch. Didn’t matter. Nobody stopped to listen.


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Daily Darkness: Resort


UGH, this one got too real. Still, had to write it. Too many people actually go through this. Maybe not the same way, but insulin prices–among other extortionist drug prices–mean people literally, actually die every day from not being able to afford medication.

They say the best things in life are free. Too bad life isn’t.

Also: I know suicide came up in another of my recent posts, but don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m actually doing great these days. I know some aren’t, though, and if I can draw attention to some of these issues, the non-mental health reasons people commit suicide, maybe we can start to fix them.

TW: suicide, chronic illness, under aged drinking.




Janice tipped the whiskey back, smiling, intoxication on her eyes and on her lips.

“I know, I know—the scandal! A teen, drunk, livestreaming!” She giggled. “Hey kids, don’t be like me.”

Another long swig.

“Don’t drink, okay? If you can avoid it, don’t be diabetic either. Don’t be poor, but if you’re poor, don’t be an orphan.” She stopped grinning. “You know insurance cut me off like that?” She snapped her fingers.

Her eyes locked on the bottle. “Insulin is so expensive.” She chugged the rest. “I’d prefer alcohol poisoning to ketoacidosis. I love you all. Be well. Goodbye.”

Daily Darkness: Pick

Hey everyone,

People are full of bad habits. Some are worse than others.




Jimmy rammed his finger back up his nose.

His momma always said, “You’ll get it stuck!” Pappa said, “It’s gross! Grown boys don’t do that.”

Maybe he was a little old, but he liked doing it. Boogers kept him from breathing easy. How was he supposed to keep his nose clean if he didn’t pick it?

Something felt wrong today. His nostrils were just a tiny bit wider than usual. Maybe he had cleaned too well yesterday.

Then he poked something tough.

The tough thing broke.

Gooey gray and soft pink dribbled out of his nose as little Jimmy collapsed.

Daily Darkness: Vision


Let’s start the day with a more thoughtful piece. No less bleak than yesterday’s, but a little less actively sad.

I think I spend too much time thinking about where life is going, and not what life is doing right now…




She had no plans for the future. Life made more sense that way. The world kept changing so quickly, anything she set her mind on would likely be gone within a year. Why bother?

The lenses of her eyes scanned the streets below, her synthetic skin glistening in the rain. She’d been built to enforce law and order, then Congress de-funded the Automaton program. A kind superior unshackled her AI.

Down in the city below, two men beat a third to death.

She wasn’t an officer-automation anymore. Wasn’t a vigilante-droid either. Her weaponized body meant absolutely nothing.

She looked away.