Daily Darkness: Resort


UGH, this one got too real. Still, had to write it. Too many people actually go through this. Maybe not the same way, but insulin prices–among other extortionist drug prices–mean people literally, actually die every day from not being able to afford medication.

They say the best things in life are free. Too bad life isn’t.

Also: I know suicide came up in another of my recent posts, but don’t worry, I’m fine. I’m actually doing great these days. I know some aren’t, though, and if I can draw attention to some of these issues, the non-mental health reasons people commit suicide, maybe we can start to fix them.

TW: suicide, chronic illness, under aged drinking.




Janice tipped the whiskey back, smiling, intoxication on her eyes and on her lips.

“I know, I know—the scandal! A teen, drunk, livestreaming!” She giggled. “Hey kids, don’t be like me.”

Another long swig.

“Don’t drink, okay? If you can avoid it, don’t be diabetic either. Don’t be poor, but if you’re poor, don’t be an orphan.” She stopped grinning. “You know insurance cut me off like that?” She snapped her fingers.

Her eyes locked on the bottle. “Insulin is so expensive.” She chugged the rest. “I’d prefer alcohol poisoning to ketoacidosis. I love you all. Be well. Goodbye.”


Daily Darkness: Notes

Good evening,

I usually put out stories mid-day, but this one felt better for an evening release. Yes, more wordplay for the title.

Hope you like it!




Lucinda only plays in minor key, no matter the song. She spends hours laboring over her covers just to avoid the false cheer of the major yet can’t bring herself to delve into augmented. Minor makes sense. Sharp twangs turn happy tunes into mournful melodies, little distortions saying, Your world is subject to my interpretation. We’ll share this suffering.

She only performs local venues; her town is known for very frequent suicides.

Nobody connects these two facts.

One song, one death. Always a different demographic.

She draws bigger crowds every day.

Rumor has it she’s been offered a record deal…